Fishing issue

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Fishing issue

Post  Mtcutie on Sun May 16, 2010 2:30 am

At first I thought it was me that just didn't know how to fish but I just looked up the Tag YouTube video of the game and I clearly see a bar show up at the top of the screen red to green ala the sifting for gold thing.

This bar does NOT come up on my game... at all!

Now everyone in the town wants fish, asks for fish, and no one's getting fish. Seriously will you guys please fix these stupid things?

This customer service section is full of real people, with real complaints. People that paid for a service and expect to get it.

It took you guys 2 weeks to finally get my premium package to work and now that I have it I wonder if it's worth the trouble?

I have been on the game for about an hour and I've been frozen out of the game at least a dozen times. Each time screwing me out of any chips I may have made in that log in. The last one was worth 10,000 and I was pissed but more so that there are so many stupid bugs that should have been addressed by now.

Fix it.


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Re: Fishing issue

Post  coolkid1055 on Mon May 17, 2010 6:31 pm

I had this problem 2. when a fish get 2 the line shake the ipod/iphone. hope this helps Very Happy


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