multiple compaints I just sent to Tag

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multiple compaints I just sent to Tag Empty multiple compaints I just sent to Tag

Post  Mtcutie on Mon May 17, 2010 3:15 pm

Problems include

- Premium issue. I bought it and it took over 2 weeks for it to activate. There are other's that are still out $9.99 with no game.

- The crashing... seriously what the hell is wrong with this game? The last time I was in the game I crashed every other minute. When I saved, crash. When the day went from day to night, crashed. When I was in the middle of planting a crop, crash. In the middle of a conversation, crash. When I walked into my house, crash. What the hell? It took me 7 sign ins to walk from the shop to my house. That's ridiculous.

- Fishing, everyone is complaining about fishing. It's terrible! Some people complain that it's too hard but that's not even the worst one. I for instance buy the rod, put it in the water and then nothing happens. There is no bar, no movement, nothing. In fact I end up being frozen there because there's no way to stop fishing once the line is in. So I have literally stood there fishing line in the water unable to move for an entire day. Had to wait til the day was over to finally get out of that situation. Ridiculous.

- Black out, the day restarts i see 7am in the right hand corner, I see my bag, my chips and nothing else. Complete darkness and paralyzed. It's just frozen on a black screen. I log out, restart the phone and the game and it's just before the end of the day. Then the day ends, and suddenly... darkness and paralysis again. Been like that for days (and this is in slot 2)

-Game not launching at all. There are people (including me) that can't even get on the game at all at times. Just begins to launch the game and then doesn't and you end up back at the intro again. Seriously do you even want us to play this game?

- Trash, this is just annoying. At one point or another there are things that we can not sell and have no use for anymore. Being forced to hold onto it in our barn is just annoying. Fix this.

-Property loss, because of the constant crashes when we restart the game in most cases anything we did before it crashed is gone. Sometimes it's something we can buy again but in other cases it's something that can't be replaced. For instance I lost the metal detector and now the professor wont give me another one... WTF?

Not to mention the fact that I've lost up to 10,000chips in one crash before. I had just sold the crops when the game crashed. When I was able to log back in the crops were gone and so were the chips. Again... WTF?

-In game mail, I don't even bother using this but if I click on it by accident when trying to talk to the mayor it's pretty much an automatic freeze out of the game. Why have mail if it just screws up what you're doing?

- Naming character/ranch, this I've done almost every time I log in (which is often because of all the crashing) I change it. It seems to accept the change and then when I log out and in again I'm back to being player,(inset random number).

I’m sure there’s more…

multiple compaints I just sent to Tag Astro_10

Today's lovely dilema... completely frozen right here this time with no time, no chips, just a bag and completely paralyzed


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