update didn't solve the premium issue

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update didn't solve the premium issue Empty update didn't solve the premium issue

Post  CaptainEO on Sat May 08, 2010 2:41 pm

As the title says, I am a Day 1 customer and I haven't been able to access the premium content for the last TWO updates. I am also SHOCKED to see the game go from $2.99 --> $4.99 --> $9.99!!! Let that be a reminder to you all that paid for the $9.99 upgrade.

I was told to email back if the new update didn't resolve my problems and I did that this morning. I'm guessing the only way to solve it would be to lose my save game and delete the app to resync. But need I remind you, DAY ONE customer. I have invested time into this game and to start over because of the buggy updates would be the LAST STRAW. You guys might as well put in the device ID's manually to solve these premium content issues


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