Games crashes pretty much every time on both iPhone and iPad

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Games crashes pretty much every time on both iPhone and iPad

Post  Dr. Macenstein on Tue May 04, 2010 2:35 pm

This game worked great and was a lot of fun for both my son and I until we got to a rank of about level 5 or so (roughly 4 hours of play). Since then the game crashes EVERY time we play, and we lose our progress. I don't know whether the game can't handle it once you have a decent sized farm and a couple animals or what, but it almost always crashes when checking the mailbox, and it will crash randomly and non-reporducable points. I would honestly rate this a 5 star for all the enjoyment my son was getting out it, but he says he's not going to play anymore because he has to keep re-doing everything, and I don't blame him.

The iPhone version also crashes out a lot.
Fix the stability issues and this game would rule. Thanks
- The Doc
Dr. Macenstein
Dr. Macenstein

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Yet another annoying problem

Post  Mtcutie on Sat May 08, 2010 6:37 am

As if getting screwed out of $9.99 wasn't bad enough I've lost over 1000 chips due to the game freezing out. That pisses me off constantly.

It's clear this game was released months before it was ready to be released. It had great potential and was indeed fun until it started to fall apart. I feel like I just spent a ton of money on a lemon car that barely made it out of the dealership.

I feel like they have left a bad taste in the mouth of present customers and I hope that these negative comments will make them think twice before releasing another game before it's ready to be released.

I will never dish out another penny to Tag and do not recommend that anyone else does.

They may as well have pick pocketed the money right out of my purse.. It feels equally frustrating.

Get your shit together Tag!


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