Most important thing for update!

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Do You Agree, We need to be able to go to each others ranches?

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Most important thing for update!

Post  greggfrog on Wed Mar 10, 2010 3:05 am


I have been following this game, since March last year. I looked online everywhere, because as a big Animal Crossing fan I wanted to know if it would be coming to my beloved iPod Touch. Then one day, I hit a gold mine, with this ''project'' as it then was. From then on, for the last year, I have been regularly contacting Tag Games, to find out the latest details about when the game was being released, how much, key features. I even interviewed Paul @ Tag for my podcast.

There is one feature in that interview, which I have NEVER forgotten, and I am desperately awaiting for one of the first few updates! You know what? I am so desperate for this to be added, I would even go as far to say, I would PAY for it! What am I talking about? Well..

The most needed feature for one of the first few updates is the option to be able to visit a friends town. Sure, you have the mailbox at the moment, but that was a key thing of Animal Crossing, that caught my attention when it first came out. This social feature, where I could visit other peoples towns. Now, this is what Paul @ Tag mentioned in an interview. When the game was first released, they had hoped to have an option to be able to visit a nearby friend over WiFi or now Bluetooth. It didn't happen though.

So, now I ask again, please Tag in one of the first few updates, we could even pay for it as a DLC (in app purchase) feature, make it possible for us to visit each others ranches over Bluetooth, Wifi or BOTH!

If anyone wants to contact me about anything, please email:

Thanks! Very Happy


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