Little bugs and other annoying things

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Little bugs and other annoying things

Post  Rain1829 on Wed Mar 17, 2010 7:45 pm

I love the game! it has never crashed on me or anything.. I did have a few questions and concerns...

few questions & bugs here.

1) What do I do with rocket parts?

2) Sometimes not everytime, Gold star items don't work for seven astro days. Sometimes it will keep pest away or Animals cleaned for only a day.. very annoying.

3) The fishing aspect is crazy hard... i've only caught 3 fish out of 40 tries... is this normal?

4) How do you fix the rocket dog?

5) I've ordered furniture and it never came.. and no my iphone isn't jailbroken. and i still got billed for it!

6) shaking my iphone... can this action be avoided? i didn't spend a bunch of money for a 32GB 3GS to shake the crap out of it.... and i look like an idiot shaking my iphone in public.

7) any thoughts on making the astro day longer, with out having to drink energy drinks? it's hard to manage 100+ plots of "done" crops and keep all my huffolo feed. never seems to be enough time in the day to try and master fishing or much else.

8 ) do animals die after a certain age?

9) how long will "done" crops last unharvested?

10) seriously, how do i fix the dog ... and what the deuce do i do with rocket parts?

otherwise I love the game!

Best things about the game:

- instead of tapping for direction: if you hold down your finger in the direction you want to go.. your person keeps going that way.
-instead of dragging you spade for each square you want plowed (other item actions as well)- if you press on the item in the top righthand corner until a circle around it appers- Then drag your finger across the area you want that item.. it'll turn green (click the checkmark in the bottom right when the area you want is highlighted)and it will do the action for the whole highlighted area ... saves some time planting and harvesting.

Sorry for any typos, and Goodday

Lo mein


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