Update 1.2 news and improvements

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Update 1.2 news and improvements Empty Update 1.2 news and improvements

Post  paul@tag on Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:55 am


Just wanted to let you know that update 1.2 is in review at Apple. Should be live around the end of the week all being well. I've been playing it all afternoon on an iPhone 3G (which is the main problem device due to memory management) and I haven't had one crash!!

So here's a short list of fixes and improvements:

- Improved stability, especially on iPhone 3G
- Manual save from inventory menu
- Camera zoom - pinch and pull for zoom in/out
- fixed bug where you could have more than 99 of any item
- fixed major mailbox bugs/crashes and improved stability of scoreloop elements
- Disappearing barn items fixed
- New music track for fishing
- Sprinkler and scarecrow show area effected when placing them on ground
- pest, animal innoculation and pen cleaning 7 day package now lasts 7 days!
- issue some people were having with using save slots 2-8 now fixed
- once rusty fixed he now stays fixed!
- when it rains the ground doesnt need watered
- loads of other smaller improvements and fixes

This just shows how hard we are working and how committed we are to making Astro Ranch the best darn game on the App Store.

Update 1.3 is already in the works with an overhaul of the game engine to improve lag and load times, lots more content (including outdoor DLC items and new quests) and a few more bug fixes ;-)

Thanks and keep spreading the Astro Ranch word!

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Update 1.2 news and improvements Empty Re: Update 1.2 news and improvements

Post  Mtcutie on Mon May 17, 2010 1:54 pm

Trust me you don't like the word that's spreading!

Want to update the game?

Hop on down to the customer service forum there are pages and pages of stuff to gix and none of it includes fishing music. How about fishing period? Cause mine is unable to fish at all(no bar)

Then there is the constant crashing.

The lost items.

The screne going completely black and never returning.

And worst of all the suckers that paid for premium and never got it, or like me had to wait 2 weeks and completely lose her shit to anyone that would listen before anything was done. The only thing Tag gas been working really hard on is testing our patience and robbing us blind.

Show me one person that's pissed about. The fishing music? In what universe is that more important then all the other disasters in this game?

Before you work on new content that you will no doubt find a way to charge more for don't you think you should FIX the crap that's still broken????



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