Visit Each Other's Craters (Like going to others towns in ACCF)

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We need to be able to visit each others villages!

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Visit Each Other's Craters (Like going to others towns in ACCF)

Post  greggfrog on Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:18 pm


I am trying to show Tag Games, that the most needed (or one of them) for the next update is to visit each others neighborhoods or villages.

Back a year ago when I first found out about a project, they got me started on the topic of visiting each others craters or villages because I interviewed Paul Farley from Tag Games, and he said that they were planning to have this feature in the initial release.

When I found out this feature wouldn't be in the first release, I was deeply upset, because this is the main thing that got me worked up about the game. I still like the game a lot, BUT we need this feature. This is my suggestions:

- We can visit each others towns or craters if we have their 'player name' on the game, though you have to accept if you want them to come to your place. This would be over Bluetooth or WiFi or both
- If it is a costly feature to add, they could charge us say between $2.99 - $15.99 to download the feature as an in app purchase or DLC. This would generate some income for them!
- Then, as either another DLC or included, we can choose to chat either with the actual touch pad keyboard on the screen (this would be free) or using a mic on iPhone or Mic and Headphone accessory on iPod Touch (This could be an in app purchase at a further $0.99 to $6.99? or somewhere close?)

Wouldn't this be amazing! We need it Tag Games, PLEASE!


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